Amazing Weekend!

What an exciting weekend! After blisters, love, hard work, passion, selflessness, dedication, gratefulness, forgiving, sharing and most of all caring: Congratulations & Thank you to everyone involved in making this year’s Headdress Ball the BEST yet! Never giving up & only seeing the greatness in others WE ARE HAVING CLASS THIS TUESDAY THE 29TH! WHOHOO! 6:30-8:00PM! No time to stop now! Let’s GO!

Welcome to the NEW Hardrive Productions Website and Blog

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Hardrive Website and Blog! We are so excited to introduce our blog to communicate with our customers, talent, and anyone interested in learning more about Hardrive Productions!

The blog is going to feature news, events, updates, dance classes, auditions and all the fun things happening at Hardrive Productions.
Please check out our new website, and feel free to comment on our blog!