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Greg started his career in New York where he performed in the Broadway production of Camelot.  A graduate of the world-renowned Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis, Greg’s passion for performing grew into an even greater love for the industry by diversifying his talents and contributing them to various aspects of live performances, stage, and film. His costuming career began in the costume shop of the Tony award winner Guthrie Theatre.


Greg is a Master Designer with confirmed knowledge and skills utilizing the Gerber garment Technology; a state-of-the-art technique that creates patterns on the computer and allows him to design different patterns and textiles and creates a finished final pattern. Greg perfects the art of this 3d pattern visualization and completes unique and customized works of art for the client, taking costume designing to a new level.


The operation of this technology takes a great deal of training. With Greg’s high-level skill set he is a conceptual design expert with applied styling techniques that have some of the nation’s top companies calling upon him for large projects including Walt Disney World, Barnum and Bailey Circus, NBA, Disney Cruise Lines, Norweigan Cruise Lines, Feld Entertainment and others.

His designs have been featured in national and international shows including Half-Time show at the Super Bowl, Smokey Mountain Opry, Lotte World Design Seoul Korea, and Glorioso! A $3 million production from Manaus, Brazil involving more than 3,000 performers. Recently, Greg’s costumes were included on various entertainers in the Nashville Christmas Parade, the Philadelphia Christmas Parade, and the Chicago Christmas Parade.  His costumes have been showcased by various performers including animal trainers, puppeteers, stilt walkers, ice skaters, magicians, fire artists, underwater/diving Cirque performers, and many others. Greg also oversees set design as needed for various productions and events.

While maintaining his quality standards, his design processes and tools reduce errors and increase efficiency and productivity. He recruits top industry experts from all echelons including stitchers, first hands, and crafts artists.

Greg’s experience has led him to masterfully wield the double-edged sword of form and function! With a keen eye for design, he transforms ordinary into extraordinary. He is very gifted and will be your magnificent architecture design alchemist!

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